Councillor Steve Eling image
Steve Eling became Leader of Sandwell Council in May 2016.

He is one of the Labour-run borough’s longest serving councillors after being first elected in 1986. He has represented Smethwick’s Abbey ward since.

After service on a range of committees (including Economic Development; the Environment; and Regeneration Strategy), he joined the borough’s Cabinet in 2000.

He took on the Regeneration and Neighbourhood Management portfolio a year later before – in 2004 – becoming the council’s Deputy Leader with responsibility for Strategic Resources.

He has continued to oversee Sandwell’s finances since then and combines this with his current role as Leader of Sandwell Council.

His main political interests are public sector finances and neighbourhood policy and parks along with ongoing regeneration and public sector reform.

He has a keen interest in photography and uses both 35mm and medium format cameras together with modern forms of photography.

He is well travelled and enjoys European and world affairs and experiencing other cultures.